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Asta Lok

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i am a design consultant with 6 years of experiences specialized in Product, Branding, Graphic and Exhibition design

I am a skilled multidisciplinary designer with more than 6 years of experience specialized in Product, Branding, Graphic and Exhibition design

I have experience in design of Electronic applicant, Medical product, Smartband, Houseware, Kitchenware, Drinkware,Toy and Gift & Premium product and have been awarded twice in product design awards.

Furthermore, i also have experience in helping start ups for their brand identity, logo, promotional material, and package style guide

I am able to help from market analysis to user behavior study and create empathetic design which meet the real needs of user and engage with them.

if you are interest may kindly visit my site at for some of my previous works

“Palette Code” provide a holistic profession service from Market analysis to Product, Branding., Graphic & Packaging, Exhibition design and Promotional Video

They are important pigments used to build up great picture of a business.

We look into it as a whole, identify the unmet needs of people physically and psychologically in a strategic approach, create empathetic design and experience that make people live more desirable. 


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  • HKEA2018 -Awards ICONS-OP_Silver - Individual-01

    SILVER on CREATIVE INDIVIDUAL GROUP, "Twisk" Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2018

    Awarded product is a Whisk design - “Twisk“ designed to solve the problem of a traditional whisk with aesthetic enhancement. Inspired by the twisted rainbow frosted cupcakes. "Twisk" contains a rotational silicone coated wire head, it allows user to simply twist at the end to slim down the whisk for easy storage & reduce the chance of wire deforming.

  • Corp_Merit_EN

    MERIT on CONSUMER GIFTS: FOR PLAY, "Meal Set Combo" Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards 2014

    Awarded product was a set of outdoor foodware with 3 products included: a foldable LED spork, a collapsible silicon cup and a stylish compact bowl.


Master of Design Strategy The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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